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zplit Configure my Zplit

3 case styles


HiPro Case

A high profile case for MX-style switches with chamfered edges for a simple yet sophisticated look


HiPro Case

An simple and affordable case that is compatible with MX and Choc switches


HiPro Case

A slim and minimal low profile case for Kailh Choc switches


Not only does it give the Zplit an elegant aesthetic, Zplitā€™s inward stagger also provides a more ergonomic typing experience as it more naturally follows the contour of the hand.

zplit layout

Zplit has a 4x12 split layout similar to many ortholinear keyboards like the OLKB Planck. Using multiple layers, any key on a full-sized keyboard can be accessed on the Zplit.

Powered by QMK

Zplit runs on the open-source QMK firmware, with many programmable features including keys, encoders, and lighting.